Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey guys!
So we had a pretty cool week! To begin Elder Piper a member of the Seventies and like the 1st counselor in the church presidency of mexico or something like that came and spoke to us for 2 days which was super cool. He had some great advice and obviously nos planchó which means he threw down on us and told us we need to be better!! But seriously it was super inspiring and good experience. Also me and the comp went to the temple last week. We didnt get to go in cuz its against the rules here in the mish but it was still super cool to be there. Dont worry im sending pics. Also Mary came to church in this week and is  ready for her baptism next week which is super exciting. Demetria is recovering very well and can walk now a little bit and told us that she still has the desire to be baptized but probably not until March. Which at first i was a little sad about because i really wanted her to be baptized in this month. But i learned that really it doesnt matter if i am here or not to see her get baptized the most important thing is that she will be baptized and desires to follow christ and will be able to receive his blessings in her life.

Anyways so this week i ate something kind of weird. Here in mexico there are 2 types of pigskin. Chicharrón which is like pigskin which is cooked and really doesnt look that disgusting but this week we ate with our bishop and he gave me this other type of pigskin which is literally just the skin of the pig raw and yeah when he gave it to me i was like EN SERIO???? but actually it wasnt that bad and i think my stomach is getting stronger cuz yeah no diarreah haha!!!. But ya all in all super good week we are looking pretty good with investigators but hopefully we can start having people come to church hahah.

Anyways love you all and hope that you have a great week y tome lo fácil.
Love Cam

At the Juarez Temple with my comp!

Sick tats that i got haha jk they are just like arm warmers haha!!

Also we got to eat at Peter Pipers pizza last monday and it was literally the greatest pizza ever haha!!

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