Monday, February 16, 2015

Ok people

This was a good and bad week well actually more of a good week minus one thing that happened. So the only bad thing that happened this week was that the baptism of Mary got moved to the 28th of February cuz she wanted to clear some things up but she still is coming to church every week and literally knows more about the gospel or well the bible than me hahah jk!!! She like reads all of the time and is super interested and yeah just a golden investigator!! Also Demetria comitted to a baptism the saturday of Spring Break which is the Semana Santa here hahahah i thought it was pretty funny cuz it means the Holy Week!! Also we had a record 6 investigators come to church this week. Leyver one of our new investigators has come to church 2 times and is super prepared and has the desire to be baptized!! We also have this investigator  from a different ward here who is a girlfriend of one of the members but they dont like their ward so they are moving to ours and when they move here she will be baptize well after she gets married next month. She's only 16 years old but hey i guess if you love somebody.....hahah. But yeah a super good week as far as the work goes.

The mission life is good and i am learning so much about the gospel and literally is the hardest but best thing i have ever done. I am so glad that i made the choice to come out here. At first it was super hard and i literally wanted to come home but after some time it began to be easier and literally has been the greatest experience.

Now as far as the food goes, pretty much we eat cereal and quesadillas and breakfast burritos de sausage eggs ham and cheese and yeah just a lot of stuff like that. As far as clothes go i am still doing super good but to be straight up honest with you mom i have not washed my suit since the MTC....... sorry not sorry hahah jk. No its just becuase really we dont use our suits that much and it hardly gets dirty but i will wash it before i get transferred from La Cuesta.... if i ever get transferred hahaha jk i love it here!!!

Anyways sounds pretty crazy at home and literally cant believe all of the peeps that are getting married but thats cool i guess haha!! Anyways just know that i am doing wonderfully and am loving my time here in Murder Capital USA!!! (JK literally idk what everyone was talking about Juarez being dangerous!! The most dangerous thing here are the freaking borrachos and killer dogs) hahah love you alll!!

Love Cam

So two super legendary pics!! The first is of me under the barbacoa Guerro and it is super hilarious cuz Guerro is like a slang word here for white boy haha. And the other is of a mop that somebody hung on the telephone because yeah its mexico!!

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