Monday, February 23, 2015

Gente what is up???

SO a super good and crazy week! First of all santa baca (that means holy cow) i cant believe how much snow new harmony and st george got like wow thats freaking crazy!!!

But anyways as far as investigators go it was sweet! We had 5 in the Sacrament mtg and yeah just a good week as far as that goes!! Mary met with the bish this week and he told us that she is good to go for this saturday and we are going with her later today to plan the whole thing and yeah im pretty pumped!! Demetria por fin has her date for the 14 of March and oh also another investigator we have named Leyver has a date in march as well so yeah just a super sick week!!

Ok now to answer some of your questions.... So first of all yes!! my comp is a district leader and hes pretty chill but yeah!! And as far as talks go yes i have only had to give 2 since i got here but i actually gave one yesterday on Familly History and let me tell it was dang hard for one reason and that is because before my mission I didnt do like anything of family history but it actually turned out pretty well, i talked like 20 mins and yeah it was solid!! As far as sundays go, our church starts at 11 so we pretty much don't do anything in the mornings besides study and then from 11-2 we have the services and from like 2-330 ward council and then we eat at like 4 and start our day at like 5 hahah!!

But yeah its pretty sweet anyways I dont really have any crazy story to tell you this week but life is good here and im loving it!!! Hope all is well back in St geezy!!
Love you all!!

Ok so two fotos this week the first one is of a note that my comp tried to write in english...... we are still working on his english but yeah i just thought it was super funny!! Oh and the other is of a graffiti that is here in our area it say I LOVE JOSELIN super big but the thing that is funny is what it says below YA NO means NOW NO hahah so yeah just a super legendary Juarez classic!!

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