Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello Family and friends and everybody that reads this letter thing!!

So this week was like well actually i dont know it was a goodish bad week hahah!! So the bad news is that Eunice wasn't able to be baptized this week because she had some problems with her family but we are planning on meeting with her this week and hopefully all goes well!!! Also Alejandra one of our investigators is totally progressing a ton and is super pumped for her baptism this week!! Like seriously it is so amazing to see how prepared she was and just to see how the gospel has affected her in her life!!! so yeah super pumped for that!! Also another investigator we have named Miguel actually he is an antiguo investigador talked to us the other day and told us that he wants to get baptized so yeah we are pretty pumped for him too!!

Now some other bad news is that i got sick for the first time this week!! I think i told you guys in the last letter i wrote but last P-day i woke up and was just starving so i went to the fridge and literally just ate the first thin i saw which turned out to be a yogurt that expired like 3 weeks ago so yeah like not good!! It was so weird cuz like i just got like super light headed and had like a fever and it was super funny cuz during the district meeting i was just like lying on one of the benches in the sacrament room dying while my comp gave the district mtg!! haha! But after like tuesday i was all good and yeah now im back to normal!! But anyways another crazy thing that happened to me was last monday we were just chilling here writing to our families and friends in the cyber when something blew up like literally "blew up" like 3 feet from me!! It turned out that like a lamp had overheated and well yeah one thing led to another and yeah it exploded!! But literally thought i was gonna die haha!!

Anyways im really loving my time out here and am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the people here in Juarez!! I hope you are all doing great and i love you guys!!

Love Elder Imlay

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