Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey guys!!!

So a sad but good week all at the same time!!! First thing first, Cambios or transfers, well I didnt have transfers and neither did my comp so we will both be staying here in La Cuesta another 6 weeks!! And guess what that means??? After this transfer i will literally have been in this area like 7 1/2 months haha!! Crazy!! So the sad news from this week is that Mary was not baptized:( .... she had to clear up some stuff and wasn't quite ready for saturday!! But we met with her on Saturday and Sunday when we saw her at church she said that she had cleared everything up and so we are meeting with her today to see when she wants to be baptized!! But this transfer is gonna be freaking legendary as we are expecting quite a few baptisms so we are just praying that our investigators can keep their commitments but yeah its gonna be sick!! The spanish is coming along really well and i am truly starting to love it here!!

Thats super sick that Kob and K both made the team.... im a little sad that i wont be able to be their to see them play but that super super chido (means cool)! Anyways to answer some of your questions the district and zone meetings are pretty boring. The only thing they ever tell us is about new rules but sometimes we have meetings like as a whole mission and they are super cool!! Like 2 weeks ago we had a mtg as the whole mission and got to watch Meet the Mormons (in spanish of course) but still super solid!!

Also i did get the package for Valentines day and thank you so much.  Ive already eaten all of the chocolate and yeah!!! ..........hahah jk but yeah almost all of it!! Also the surprise with the Reese's was a super nice addition cuz actually when we got the package we had run out of cereal so i am glad to know that the spirit is inspiring you guys what to send me hahaha jk!! but yeah kind of cool!! And pops fear not i am still doing my pushups and i think i am getting bigger but who knows!! Ohh and lastly something super funny/weird happened yesterday!! So yesterday a member told me that from a distance he couldn't recognize who i was cuz apparently i have fattened up since getting here! Yeah so literally for the first time in my life somebody told me that i was fat!! And let me tell you it was the greatest feeling in the world hahah like made my day!!! Anyways yeah so thats pretty much what happened this week.

I heard a talk by Brad Wilcox this week about the Grace of Christ and his Atonement!!! I would challenge you guys to listen to it because Santa Baca it is amazing but you have to listen to it because it is so much more powerful!! Anyways i love you all and have a great week!!

Love Cam

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