Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey chicos!!!

So a super cool week!!! First and foremost the Hermana Demetria has her baptism set for this Saturday and her nieces are here and she went to church yesterday and yeah im super pumped!!! Cuz well yeah you guys know why!!! Santa bacca i cant believe that kob and k got to play in a varsity game together that's so cool!! Also the pic of K making brownies is pretty legendary if i do say so myself!! Things are looking super great here in La Cuesta and we should be having a couple baptisms this cycle!!

So something kind of cool well i think it was super sick but anyways so we were walking down this street and i said hi to this cholo which is like a gang member here, at first he didn't say anything but after we passed him he like ran after us and i was freaking out cuz i thought well yeah we were dead but no!! He just said hi and then asked if we preached la palabra de Dios and we told him yes!! And then he was like Bueno and proceeded to tell us that if we ever had any problems with anybody on the street to tell him and he would "take care" (kill) of them!! hahahaha but yeah i made friends with my first cartel member this week so yeah super solid!!

To answer some of your questions so first of all yes dad we do our own laundry and sadly do not have a maid but im gonna look into that!! haha so thanks for the idea!! I feel super comfortable with the Spanish and understand almost everything but speaking is still a little difficult but i am getting better everyday!! Also im super pumped because now that Demetria is getting baptized i can finally leave this area!! hahaha like literally at first it was just a joke but literally i think that i am still here for her!! Dont get me wrong i love love this area but yeah like i said last week kind of ready for a change!!

Pretty sweet to hear about the mission calls and i know that Court will be Great!! Anyways im not gonna lie i am a little sad that we aren't chilling on the cruise boat right now like we were last year but i am super grateful to be here and hope that you are all doing great!! I love you all and have a great week!!

Love Cam

So only one pic this week but when i saw this sign and well yeah just had to take the pic!!

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