Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey guys so we had another great week with another investigator getting baptized which was super cool! His name is Leyver and we have been teaching him for about a month and a half or like casi 2 months!! I got the chance to confirm him and yeah it was super tight!! But holy cow he was just a golden investigator! When we found him he told us that he was just looking to change his life and desired to follow god!! He wasnt a bad person before but just had a huge desire to follow god and yeah after 2 months he was baptized and yeah it was just a super cool experience!!! Also our other investigators that we have are doing amazing and are progressing a ton towards their baptisms!!

This week was also pretty cool cuz we had interviews with Pres!! He gave us a capacitacion which was super cool and inspiring and the interviews were good too!! But some sad news is that i am getting a new comp this week!! My old one got transferred to Villa Aheumada and i will be receiving Elder Zamora!! I think he was companions with Preston like 3 months ago so that will be kind of cool i guess!! I dont know a ton about him but he seems cool so it should be good!!

Anyways thats so sick about the churchball team!!! So what exactly happens?? Like where do they go to play in regionals or like what happens?? Also what happened with Kanon and Tanner's hair???

Ok now to answer some of your questions!! Yes they did call me Elder Indian in the MTC but who knows why because literally i am like the whitest person i know hahah!!!! Jk!! But it is true like literally nobody here can pronounce IMLAY para nada hahaha!!! Anyways stuff that i want in my package would be some more Reese's puffs and like yeah nada mas!! As far as the Electric Razor goes i pretty much use it when i am feeling lazy and just want to shave really fast but yeah its pretty cool and i use it quite often!!! Also thats so sick about Utah making it to the 16!!1 I actually already knew that.................... hahah because we went to an investigator's house on Saturday and they are huge Bball fans so when we walked in i saw that they had won but yeah it was freaking sick!!!

Anyways nothing to crazy happened to me this week besides the fact that i ate a yogurt that was like 2 or three week expired so yeah im paying the price right now a little but ehh its not to bad!! Anyways love you all and hope ya have a good week!!!

Love Cam

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