Monday, June 8, 2015

Hola Familia y todos!!!

So we had yet another rough week here in Laguna!! Well not super rough but just another week of pretty much pure finding people to teach!! It has been really hard opening up a new area also because for those who know me im not to good navigating my way around places but alli vamos and things are starting to look up!! Its so much different being with an american companion and at times i just feel weird speaking english but it is kind of cool hahah!!

So the heat has finally hit here in Casas Grandes and it hit hard!! Like literally i thought i was gonna be good cuz i used to golf in like 120 degree weather but for some reason i just became a wimp here hahaha jk its not too bad but well yeah we are adjusting!! We still do not have a sink in the house and who knows when we are going to get one but we are surviving oh and also Elder Orton and i made the executive decision to sleep on the floor and it was easily the best decision we have made since we got here!! So like our room where we would sleep was like the furnace of H E double hockey sticks and so after a week we decided to pull our matresses out into our living room and sleep there and wow it is so amazing like we have a fan that we turn on and then like open up all of our windows and yeah our sleeping situation has mejorado un buen!! Also well yeah thats pretty much it!!

But there was a scripture i wanted to share with yáll.  Its from D&C section 6 i think it says "no dudeis, y no temeis" or Dont doubt and dont fear!! It talks about how the lord is always on our side and no matter what we go through and the problems we have it is going to all be ok if we just put our trust in him and follow him and keep his commandments!! I know that this promise is true and that it is a blessing for each one of us!! I love you all and am loving my time here in the mish!! It is freaking hard but i know that it is the best thing anyone can do!! Espero que tengan una semana super chida!! Love yàll tons!!

Love Cam

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