Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello Humans!!!

So this was the absolute hardest week of my mission but i kind of liked it hahah!! As you all know i got transferred last week to Casas Grandes and my new comp is elder orton!! He's a total legend by the way!! But anyways we show up and they proceed to tell us that we will be reopening an area so like we are brand new here and there have not been elders here since like the beginning of the year so we have been pretty much just contacting and trying to find new investigators all week hahah!! It has been freaking hard plus our house was like empty when we got here so we have been trying to fix it and we are doing well but still do not have a sink in the kitchen so thats a big doozy hahah!! But other than that it is really cool here!!

But the sad thing is is that summer has finally hit and its come on dang strong like for reals im pretty sure i saw smoke coming off of elder orton yesterday cuz it was so hot hahah!!

Thats so cool about the trek and everything like im kind of jealous of where you guys got to go but not that jealous cuz i still was able to shower the past 3 days yhahaha!! But holy cow Casas Grandes is way different than Juarez.   All of the streets are dirt and there's hardly any places to shop besides in the centro but we are learning poco a poco and things are real swell!!

Tell Grace and Spencer good luck from me and that they will be great!! I dont have any crazy stories this week but im doing great and hope that you guys are too!! I love ya tons!!

Love Cam

The streets of Casas Grandes, Me and Preston right before I left Salvacar as well as other missionaries, an owl we walked by one day

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