Monday, June 22, 2015

Que Honda fam and friends???

I hope you are all doing great.  This has been a super fast week because well i havent really been here that much!! On wednesday we had the DL meeting in Juarez but because im in Casas Grandes we headed out on tuesday afternoon in the Omnibus and let me just tell you the Omnibus is the greatest bus of all time for three reasons 1. because theres air conditioning 2. because theres air conditioning and 3. because theres air conditioning hahahah like yeah if you couldn't tell its freaking hot here!! But the coolest part about the trip to Juarez was that we got to stay in the Real Inn which is like the nicest hotel here in Juarez and the beds oh gosh the beds were to die for like literally the comfiest thing i have slept on in the last 10 months hahah!! And so yeah we didnt end up getting home until like 5 on wednesday and then had another mtg with pres on saturday here in Casas so it was quite the week as far as mtgs go!!

Oh and also i got both mom and grandmas packages and i would just like to thank you guys for giving me diabetes hahaha jk but yeah thanks a ton for the sugar it was definitely needed!! As far as the work goes we continue to find new people but its just hard cuz everyone here says yes when we start asking them if we can pass by there house but then we show up and yeah quien sabe que paso hahah!!  But its all good we had a couple people in Sac mtg this week and im pretty excited about the work here it has taken some time but we are getting there!!

Oh and just one thing do not get a dog hahah!!! Its so crazy to me how fast the time is going out here i just realized yesterday but like im going home in like 13 months and even though its still a lot of time it really has gone by so fast and then like just talking to my comp him and Preston leave in like 3 1/2 months so yeah things are just insane here!! Anyways life is good here in juarez...o casas grandes and just lovin it!! Hope you are all doing well and i love ya tons!!

Love Cam

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