Monday, August 3, 2015

Buenas Tardes people!! Que hay????

So this week was another pretty decent week!! We only had one person in the church which was kind of sad but it was Jesus so that is nice!! He is doing really well! He always goes to church and is a really good kid!! He still doesnt feel ready but we know that with time god will help him to feel ready and that he will be able to find the happiness he is looking for!

So this week well in 3 days i will officially hit my year mark out here in the field and yes there will be fire!! We had interviews this week with president which were super cool we learned a lot.  They are like going super hard core and like weighing us and doing tests like about the percentage of muscle and fat we have and our metabolic age which shows like how healthy we are on the inside!! However fear not everything turned out good i am actually at a decent weight. I also had a metabolic age of 18 years old which is super good so i am super pumped because they pretty much told me i can eat whatever i want and just do all that i can to gain weight hahah jk!! But it was super good!! I also got my packages from both grandma and mom and they were amazing!! We were all digging the "Camel Hump Day" box totally legendary!!

As far as Elder Jackson goes he is a total stud.  He is my zone leader and we get along super well and hes in my district so yeah you could say we are pretty close hahah!! All is going well with Elder Orton!! Here in 2 weeks he will be starting his last cycle and yes he goes home with preston!! To finish i would just like to say that the new car you bought is an absolute beauty!! Y te juro si Koby o Kaler lo chocan, los voy a matar!! Hahahah jk but for reals it better still be in one piece when i get home hahah!! Anyways i love you all and am loving the mission its hard but worth it!! Keep it real!!

Elder Imlay

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