Monday, August 24, 2015

Buenas Tardes Familia y todos!!

Ok people so we had another super solid week with 3 peeps in church and we also set 2 other baptismal dates for the 16th of September so looks like the Mexican Independence day is gonna be super sick here in Laguna for us and the ward!! The 2 others that will be getting baptized are a mom and her son!! They are super awesome and really have the desire to learn more!! I could tell you the whole story of her but i just dont want to cuz it would take years hahah!! But i will tell you the necesssary stuff...their names are Pili and Edelberto quiroz.  We found them just walking in the park one day and they are just super solid chido people!!

Anyways it was sad to hear that DHills got wrecked in Football but also pretty sick that kob and his friends are like the leaders of the Student Section!! Pretty tight! Anyways i have sad news I actually dont get to go to juarez anymore cuz now the pres and the other peeps are gonna come here and we will get the capacitacion here so yeah im kinda sad!! But its whatevs i guess!!

Anyways again it is super cool to hear of all the Missionaries heading out.  It truly is the best thing you can do!! Its freaking hard and kinda sucks sometimes but in the end its totally worth it!  Ok to answer some questions: as far as the youth go, here in casas grandes there are quite a lot but in my first area in La cuesta there were hardly any!! And as far as the help goes they do help us every now and then and its pretty cool, we got some pretty solid chavos here in the ward! But yeah i am really liking it here we are starting to have some success and baptism dates so life is good and we just having the time of our life in Elder Ortons last cycle hahah!!

Anyways love you all and as always Keep it Real!
Love Elder Imlay

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