Monday, August 17, 2015

Buenas Tardes!!

Hey guys so this was a pretty decent week!! We only had 1 person in the Sacrament meeting but it turned out to be awesome cuz we went with him after church and started talking about baptism and the importance of following christ in this life!! He said that he has the desire to be baptized and that the church has truly changed his life!! So we set a baptismal date with him for the 16 of September and he seems pretty excited so we are pumped! Also we had a pretty boring transfers and by that i mean its awesome cuz no one changed . We are all staying well besides Jackson but now the District is just gonna be us 4 from Laguna which means we are a District of pure Americans haha!! Its gonna get real!!

Sucks for the bros that school started last week good luck dudes!! Thats crazy that spencer and taylor got home this week!! Tell them i say hi and all that!! Things are looking really good here in the area and Elder Orton and i are excited for this upcoming transfer,  It seems like we could be having a couple baptisms in the next month or so but more than anything we are just weirded out that all 4 americans are still here in Laguna hahah!!

But anyways now i must tell yall a story.  So we went with one of our investigators this week and she is super awesome but anyways her job is or what she does is sells tamales de puerco in her puesto.  Anyways i never realized that the meat she used was the head of the pig so when we got to her house a couple of nights ago there was just a huge pig head sitting on her table and it was kind of weird cuz it still had like hair on it and looked a lot like one of the pigs i had a couple years back in the Livestock show hahah!! But yeah just a really weird but awesome moment!!

Anyways as far as the bad news goes, it is official that me and Preston will never get to be comps in the mission so thats a little bit of a bummer but we know that god has a plan for us and we need to obey his will and not ours so it will be ok!! I am doing great but sadly left my camera at home today so i will send pics next week!! I love you all and hope ya have a wonderful week!

Love Elder Imlay

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