Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello people!!

So this was quite the week!! We had the ward activity, interviews, i almost fainted and also it was Halloween!! Which in CG they do celebrate..... well kind of but it was still cooler than last year!!

Anyways lets start with the ward activity which was pretty much our activity cuz we planned everything but it was still super awesome!! We had most all of our recent converts there and also quite a few of the members!! We had like a spiritual fireside type thing and then played minute to win it games and last but not least, we ate corn and yes it was amazing!! Also interviews went really well!! Pres was in a good mood and was really nice to us but also really helped us to understand that we shouldnt feel comfortable just cuz we are doing good right now but that we need to even push it harder and be even better!! It was awesome!! Then Halloween came and we were totally just thinking that nothing was gonna happen cuz like yeah,, nothing happened last year. But sure enough around like 7 oclock we see like a bunch of kids just going around to the stores here trick or treating!! Not gonna lie i was totally tempted to do it too and my comp was all in to do it with me but we had some appts so sadly we were unable to steal some free mexican candy!! Pero bueno.

Last but not least my almost fainting moment!! (Mom fear not i am perfectly fine now) Ok so what happened was that we were at the house of a recent convert and we were helping her peel wires to get copper out of them because apparently its worth money here!! So to peel the wire you have to use a blade to cut it and while i was cutting the wire it slipped and i cut my finger pretty good!! So in the Halloween spirit i decided to drink my blood (cuz there was nothing to wipe it off with).  Anyways like 2 mins later i started feeling like really woozy and my vision went hazy for a second so i had to kneel down and then my comp proceeded to tell me that i was as white as a ghost and so i went and sat on the bed of the convert.  They started giving me cookies cuz they thought it was like my blood sugar or something but i wasnt looking any better so she took us to our house and i just cleaned the cut and took like a 5 min nap and i was chill.  It was a super crazy moment and i learned to probs not cut wires for copper anymore!!

Anyways as far as the work goes everything is really good and Maria seems to be really good for her bap this sat. Keep praying for her!  Thats all for me today!! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!! Thanks for all the support!! Keep it real!!

Love Elder Imlay and Feliz Dia de los Muertos!!

Our ward activity, my attempt at a Halloween costume, and me and another Elder from my zone

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