Monday, November 23, 2015

#Solidweek People

Ok so this week was really amazing!! Well it was really long too but yeah in the end it turned out really good!! Since last monday i have pretty much been in divisions all week or meetings so yeah this is how it went! On monday we had to do divisions with Granjero, which is an area in our zone but it was solid cuz i was with Elder Cox who is one of my best friends here in the mish and it was really cool to see how hes been!! Anyways the next day i had to head to another area and did other divisions with other elders.  On thursday we had a meeting with the assistants and then friday we had to plan a meeting that we did with the District Leaders on Saturday and then finally Stake Conference on sunday to top it all of haha!! It was really busy but really awesome cuz on Wednesday my comp and i were able to contact this dude who was fixing his car and then he presented us to his fam.  We just started talking to them and on sunday all six of them went to church and it was just awesome to see how God blesses us when we work hard!!

Our other investigator Manuel will be getting baptized this saturday that is coming up so we are excited because this guy is awesome!! He just has a huge desire to serve God and just wants to help all of those around him!! Its been pretty crazy getting used to the new area and all these new things but i am absolutely loving it and wouldnt want to be anywhere else!!

Thats freaking awesome that kob got to go on visits with Pres Anderson and the 70s and the 2nd counselor in the General YM Presidency!! Whats his name again??.......... I should probs know that but yeah!! Sounds like Preston did a really good job on sunday and i hope all is going well with him and his family!! As far as my comp goes, it is true he doesnt eat a lot but its chill.  Im trying to help him out cuz yeah we are both in need of a couple kilos haha!! Anyways not much to report today!! It was an awesome week and we are looking forward to the future!! Thanks for all of the support!!
Love Elder Imlay

Here is a pic of my comp Elder Mellado and me and then another one of me after my comp knocked my teeth out hahaha jk but i thought you'd like it!!

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