Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey guys!

So this was one of the most crazy and shortest weeks of my life!! Let me explain,,,so Tuesday night we get in to our house and are planning to have a great week when the Assistants call me and tell me and my comp that we have to be in Juarez the next day and we will be leaving at 9 o clock in the morning the next day!! So obviously we were a Little curious and asked them why!! They told us that my comp Elder Isbell was gonna train this next cycle and that i had to go because there was this meeting i had to go to!! My comp was there with me in Juarez until Thursday and then i didnt return until Friday night!! So we pretty much spent the whole week in Juarez and our área was left solo and we hardly got anything done!! However the good news is that Maria de Los Angeles was able to get baptized and it was amazing!! She was crying because she was so happy and it was just a great experience!!

So thats pretty much all i have to report about the week but now lets talk changes!! So we had transfers yesterday and lets just say we had a lot of em!! First of all my comp is staying here in Laguna and will be training this new guy from Ecuador.  I will be heading to Juarez to a ward called Parajes as a Zone Leader there with Elder Mellado!! Its super crazy not sure if you guys know but this is the area and companion that Preston had right before he left like 6 weeks ago so pretty cool if i do say so myself!! Im kind of sad to be leaving Laguna and all the friends ive made here but im excited for the new experience and cant wait to start working in my new área!!

To answer some of your questions!! Jesús is pretty cool he just works a ton but we are gonna start up with him again!! Everything is great with my comp and yes if you were wondering my finger is infected and i will have to chop it off hahaha jk!  Its totally good now and i can barely see the cut! Glad to see that my boy kob is finally finishing up his Eagle Project after more than 2 years, what a legend hahah!! Anyways thats all i got for this week!! Love you all and thanks for the Support!!

Love Cam

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