Monday, November 30, 2015

Dear Fam and Friends

So we had yet another amazing week here in Parajes and I am really liking it! I mean it is a lot different than Laguna but i love it because there is a lot more work and we have just been able to find some really good people!

So to start, we had the baptism of Manuel Lazo this week which was super awesome!! This guy is just super prepared and has been from the first time we talked to him!! I know that he is gonna be an amazing member of the church!! We were also able to find a family last week!! Im not sure if i told you about them but they are the Carvallo Family and are super awesome!! They have gone to church both weeks that we have invited them and have a huge desire to get baptized!! However they might have to return to Veracruz this next week so we are just hoping and praying that they can stay cuz well yeah they're awesome!!

However holy shasta it sounds like Kob had quite the weekend and got beat up a little haha!! Hope that you are doing good big guy and that all works out well!! To answer some of your questions about traveling...yes we travel a lot on a bus and its really weird but super awesome cuz there are just a bunch of people all jammed into this tiny bus and the bus drivers are freaking crazy so it is quite the experience haha!! Oh and sorry i almost forgot HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Sorry its just they really don't celebrate it here in this part of Juarez so sadly i have officially gone 2 years without celebrating Thanksgiving:(

Anyways im glad to hear that you all had a good Thanksgiving and holy crap its almost Christmas so thats awesome!! But hey there is a new initiative that the church is starting this Christmas called A Savior Is Born.  Its super awesome so look it up and share it with the world!! You are all amazing and thanks for all of the support!! I love you tons and Happy Holidays!!

Con Amor Elder Imlay

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