Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello Everybody!!

So we had a solid week this week!! We had 6 investigators in church and they are doing really good. Actually we are planning to put baptismal dates with 2 of them this week for april and then more in May and we are excited!! We were able to find a lot of good people this week and we had a super spiritual and cool experience with an investigator who is pregnant!! We went and visited her with a member from the ward and after we explained about the BOM and how she was going to receive an answer, the hermana or member who was with us told her that she would receive her answer from her baby and that her baby would move a little!! In that instant the investigator started to tear up and said that that is what she had felt the first time she prayed about it!! This investigator has gone thru so much in the last little while and it is amazing to see how the church and the gospel have helped her to have more peace in her life!!

On a funnier note we also met a guy in the street who is the owner of 2 houses and the houses are like pretty nice!! Probably 2 of the nicest in the area but the funny part is that him and his wife live in one of the houses and then he has the other house where his 2 dogs live and just to be clear this is not a dog house where they live, it is like a full on house and like pretty nice and i just though it was funny that 2 dogs were living solos in a house haha!! Only in Mexico!!

The Pics of Kob in the Newspaper are pretty sick haha!  Actually his hair is the coolest part but it sounds like the soccer team is super solid this year and im glad to hear that kob and k are doing good!! I havent gotten the package yet and i cant believe that its already Easter again like holy cow time is flying!! Anyways it sounds like everyone is doing good and im doing fine!! I love the work and am excited to keep working here in Parajes!! Keep It Real!!


Oh also it was a little bit of a sad week cuz on Monday elder cox got changed but i did have the chance to say goodbye to him and also im going see him in 4 months anyways so its all good!!

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