Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello Family And Friends!!

So we had a really good week and lots of joy and hapiness for the newest members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was quite a crazy week and we almost didnt have a baptism but then after a super awesome lesson and a super powerful testimony by our investigator herself her mom allowed her to be baptized!! We also had the baptism of Nancy and Alejandro which was really cool!! We have been teaching her for the last 4 months and she has been really awesome but for one reason or another was not able to be baptized. But after lots of work and Sacrifice on her part she was able to be baptized this last Friday!! And the best of all was seeing her on sunday giving her tithing to the bishop after sacrament meeting and also seeing our other convert Citlali participate in the Young Womens Program here in the ward!! I can honestly say that they were two prepared souls by the lord and am so excited for them and for their future in this gospel!!

We have had lots of meetings this week and there is also a new initiative that the Church came out with called #Hallelujah.  Its pretty sick and i invite all you guys to watch the video and share it with everyone!!

Sounds like things are going good with soccer and im pumped that the Utes are headed to the big tourney!! For the big news on transfers well there is no big news haha...i am staying here and more than likely am gonna finish my mission here in Parajes haha jk!!!

The Bahamas Trip sounds absolutely amazing and yes it would probably be better to do the homecoming until August!! Things are good here in Juarez.  This week we didnt find any crazy people but last night i was contacting on a bus and when we got off we invited the guy to take a tour of the church with us and he accepted and it was just a cool experience because lets just say that normally the people on the bus are not the most friendly haha!!

Anyways thats all ive got for this week!! Here are some pics from the baps and just know that i love all of you and Keep it Real!!

PS  Oh also dont worry about the wound i have on my head!! We were walking down the street this last week during the night and it was really dark and i ran into an electricity cable but fear not all is well now haha!!

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