Monday, March 7, 2016

Hey guys!

So I didnt receive moms letter this week but im 100% sure she sent one it just probably didnt get to me!! Anyways we had another miraculous week and wow it truly was a huge testimony builder!! So i think i told you guys last monday but one of our investigators (Nancy) who decided not going to get baptized this week because of something that had happened in her family and she was super depressed and it seemed like she didnt want anything at least for a little while well that all changed this week!! So last Saturday or 2 saturdays ago we decided to do a special fast just for her and literally this last tuesday we got a call from her in the which she asked us if she could get baptized this saturday which is the 11th of March and then we went and visited her and she is actually doing really good and shes really excited for Friday and yeah it was just a huge testimony to me that Fasting works!!

Before the mish i didnt really fast that much but i have learned so much out here and have had so many faith building experiences and even though there are times when i ask myself why i am here and there are times when i get depressed i am so grateful that i made this decision because it really has changed who i am and what i want to be!! I would recommend it to anybody who is deciding to go on a mission and can promise them that you will not regret it!!

I still havent been able to hear the voice message that you guys sent me but am gonna try again!! We continue to work hard here in Parajes and its weird to say but this is the last week of the cycle and next sunday we are gonna get the call about changes so we will have to see what goes down! We also had hot water this week so that was a bonus as well!!  But anyways we had a few meetings with Pres this week and so it was pretty awesome!! I always love going to meetings with that man because i learn so much!!

Also here is a foto of the Pope on one of the billboards here and let me just tell you the whole street was just filled with pope stuff!! And a picture of me and Elder Cox on divisions.  Anyways i love you guys and hope that you have a wonderful week!!

Elder Imlay

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