Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello Fam!!

So it was kind of a humbling week!! We only had 1 person go to church yesterday and a lot of appts fell thru!! However we are not getting down because we were actually able to find a lot of new people this week and the future looks promising!!

It seems so crazy to me that kob is graduating this week and im not gonna lie im kinda sad that i wont be able to see it but its all good!! Congrats to all who are graduating!! Its crazy to think that you guys are now in summer and that the school year is over!! I was talking to elder cox the other day and we just think its so crazy how fast it has all gone but we are excited to enjoy this last little bit that we have!! Well actually elder cox goes home in 2 weeks but yeah its just insane!! Miguel and Demetria are doing good and are still in classes for the temp and are planning to enter in June when the temple opens again cuz its closed until then!!

I liked the pics of mine and kobs graduation haha!! Its crazy to think that that happened 2 years ago!! You guys are getting old hahaha jk!! Anyways i love you guys and im doing really good here in Juaritos!! Here is a pic of me and Elder St.John going hard at the Zone Meeting a couple days ago!!

Love Elder Imlay

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