Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello Peeps!!

So the week was really solid!  We had the bap of Gloria and lets just say she is super awesome. Her Husband got baptized like a month ago and at that time, she wasnt really to big on the idea of getting baptized.   But then after talking to her and a lot of support from her husband she decided she wanted to get baptized and they are both really excited to be able to go to the temple together in a year!! We also had a solid week with investigators in church!! Both ladies that i was telling you guys about last sunday went to church and they really liked it so we are gonna probably put a fech with them this week.  So yeah to be honest the work is going really good but im not gonna lie my body is starting to feel it after these last 22 months and yeah to make a long story short my body is just super tired all of the time but todo bien!!

I am laughing really hard as i hear that Kob got honors in a sewing class haha...shout out to him!! Also thats freaking awesome that Tan is headed to Washington and that you saw Old Red!! This week we didnt have any crazy experiences but like 3 weeks ago we found a cat that only has one eye so i will send you guys a pic of that!!!

Im loving the mish and cant believe its almost done!! Good luck with graduation Kob and Happy B-day Pops in 3 days!! Turning like...... chin i forgot haha jk!! Love you guys!!

Love Elder Imlay

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