Monday, May 9, 2016

Hey guys

So it was really awesome seeing you guys all yesterday and Happy Mothers day again!! We had a really good week to be honest with you!! We were able to find two people that are really awesome and were also able to put a baptismal date with Gloria for this weekend so we are pretty excited!!! And dont worry about the elder Jackson comment, I just didnt want the bishops family hearing and then asking questions and yeah but you are totally good!!Fear not mom i only have like 3 or 4 girls here in the ward that i really like and will probably only bring one home or maybe two but you have nothing to worry about haha jk!!

As far as the new comp thing goes it was really weird cuz me and Elder Syphus were doing really good and then one night when we got home we got a call and just like that he was changed!! They said it was for some problem that happened in another zone but its all good!! My new comp Elder Cristalinas is really chido!! He is from Mexico City and as i said yesterday he has like 2 months in the mish so we are finishing his training this cycle and im pretty sure that he will be the one to kill me off in the next cycle!!

Its also official that Elder Cox is going home for his surgery at the end of this cycle so that will be pretty sad just cuz it would have been awesome to get to go home with him!! But after talking to Big P and the Doctor and his parents it would be better that he go in June so its ok!! Yesterday the call was really cool and its amazing to see how much you have all changed in these last 5 months and im really excited to get to be with yáll again! I love you!! I didnt really have any pics this week so here is one of mine and Elder Medeiros's last day in Parajes!!

Keep it Real!!

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