Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey guys!!

So it was another tough week!! A lot of people didnt go to church and im not gonna lie i got pretty ticked off!! But the good news is that we had one person go to church on sunday!! It is the husband of a Member here in the ward and we are planning to put a bap date with him on Saturday so hopefully everything turns out good!!

So anyways things are getting real now cuz elder cox leaves on Wednesday!! I will be finishing my mission here and also Elder Medeiros got changed too so i wont get to see him until El Paso!! Like i said changes didnt affect me so i will finish here in Ampliacion with my half son haha!! I went on divisions this last week to Parajes and it was super awesome to see the converts and all of the members from the old ward!! I miss them a lot but it was really cool to catch up!! It was another week of mixed feelings and yeah its just surreal to think about so i just try not to because well yeah you know why!!

Thats cool that more people got mission calls but im sad to hear that nobody is getting called to Juarez!! Like its super dope here hahaha!! Anyways pops good luck on your camp out this week and to all Keep it Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

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