Monday, June 20, 2016

Fam and Friends!!
So it has been a really solid week and we are pretty excited because we found a lady or well yeah i guess she is a lady cuz she is 28 years old.  Anyways she is super awesome and went to church on sunday and she said that she liked it so we are pretty excited for her!! Other than that it was a pretty slow week....well besides the fact that i ate a super nasty swedish fish the other day (It smelled absolutely horrible)) and literally almost threw up.  I was gagging but dont worry it wasnt food that the members gave us for lunch it was just a dare and well yeah i took the dare and paid the price hahaha!!

Sounds like things in St. geezy are super good and thats crazy that everybody is getting home now haha like literally thats super insane!! Its cool that you guys got my flight plans haha and yeah im pretty excited to see you guys too!!

To be honest i dont have a lot to say but just know that everything is going great here in good ole cd. Juarez!! I found a paper sign in the street that said Spiritual Cleanings Gratis!! or Free so yeah i picked it up and will definitely be taking that one home as a souvenir hahaha!! Wow sounds like all yall are really busy.....thats good!! Anyways just know that i love you all a ton and thanks for all of the support!!

Cya Later!!
Love Elder Imlay

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