Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey People!!

So this week was a lot better as far as results go!! We had two investigators go to church and also some of their family members so that was really awesome and yeah it was just much better than last week!! We were able to find this guy who just showed up to church last week with his wife and we started teaching him this week and he seems really good!! He told us yesterday after church that he was gonna go every week and says that he likes it and so yeah that was really good!! The guy who we were gonna set the bap date with wasnt able to come back from El Paso but im pretty sure he went there so when he gets back this week we are gonna try to set one!!

It was kind of a slow week cuz my comp got sick and so for like 4 days we were in the house doing nothing which nearly drove me insane but all is well now and we are excited for this next week!!

Pops it looks like the hike was super dope and mom dont worry i like the long letters haha!! Also we found this guy in the street who invited us into his house and gave us water and then all of the sudden he turned wacko on us!! Like he started saying that he was buried in Area 51 and that he was Megatron and then he proceeded to show us his pipe that he uses to smoke weed!! After which we kindly said that we had to leave and then got the heck out of there!! All in all it was a decent week and im loving life!!

Keep it real!!
Love Elder Imlay

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