Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello People!!
So to be honest it was a really trying week!! We didnt have a lot of time to be in the area for Interviews, Divisions, and Baptismal Interviews and that cost us a lot!! We were able to visit quite a few people and a few committed to go to church but sadly on Sunday not one went to church!! It was really rough and im not gonna lie i was raging on the inside but i mean oh well we cant force people to go and i guess we will just have to work harder this week!!

This is Pres. Derbez's last week and he ends on Friday and its really weird!! Our last interview on Tuesday was good and i can honestly say that i am so grateful for that man!! He has helped me in so many ways and i will miss him a ton!! This week i am guessing that we are gonna have meetings with the new pres and yeah like im guessing a lot of things are gonna change.  But im excited to see how the new guy is even though i will only be with him for like 2 will still be cool to have a guero as the head honcho!!

On sunday we showed up to church and there was a broom placed perfectly in the middle of a parking space and we thought that one of the witches from the Sierra of Chihuahua had come to visit the church but yeah we were sadly disappointed haha!!

Anyways thats all that i have for today!! I love you all and hope that you have a good week!!
Elder Imlay

Me and President Derbez

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