Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hello All!

Well this is the big week, i cant believe it is finally here. I think i told my family this but my flight plans got changed and now we get to have an hour long flight from Monterrey to Juarez instead of a 12 hour bus ride which is super nice. I would have gone insane.

My experience here at the MTC has been amazing. I have learned so much and look forward to going to the field. Its gonna be sick. This week was pretty chill we had class a lot but on Wednesday we did get to be hosts which means that i got to go pick up the New Missionaries and show them around. Its amazing how fast time flies because it litterally feels like i was just in their shoes last week and now i leave monday Morning at 5 am. On friday or yesterday i guess we had infield orientation for 10 hours straight... It was soooooo long but i did learn a lot. A mission definitely is not what i thought it was gonna be like but i have loved it. Some other people in my district leave Sunday night at 8 which is super sad! Its amazing how close we have become in such a short amount of time. We are like a family, i love each of them and know that they are all gonna be amazing missionaries.

Today we went to the temple for the last time here in the MTC. It was awesome we got to go with both of our teachers Hermano Ashby y Hermana Toleafoa. They are truly amazing and have given me some of the greatest advice. I will miss them dearly and am so grateful for them. Also at the temple today was the MTC president and his wife. They are so cool especially president Nally, we got to say hi to them and it was cool to actually talk to them instead of just seeing them sit on the stand for devotionals haha. Sadly we havent had any Apostles come speak to us but dont get me wrong the speakers we have had are amazing. Im so looking forward to Juarez im not gonna lie the Mtc is really starting to get super boring and all of us are just ready to get on out of here.

Thats crazy that y'all had to go on lockdown and be in school until 5 oclock why didnt anything cool like that happen when i was there. Haha jk i probs shouldnt say that. It was weird packing up today, it reminded me a lot of when i was packing to come here. I am super nervous, excited, anxious and any other emotion you can think of for juarez but i know that this is where the lord wants me and that he has prepared people there for me personally to teach. As far as calling goes i think im gonna call you in texas with the cell phone for sure maybe in Salt lake and I bought a call card from the MTC here that allows me to call you from Monterrey so i might do that to. Im so looking forward to hearing from you. Dad to answer your question about the pushups im not gonna lie to you i dont really do pushups. haha. but i do play soccer and basketball everyday so dont think that im just being a lazy bum. haha. When im out in the field tho theres no gym place so i will probably be doing a lot of push ups then if that makes you happy. Anyways theres not really anything i need right now if my patriarchal blessing is here. I just want to tell all of you thank you for all of your support it really means the world to me. I love you all. Next time i talk to ya it will be from Mexico. Viva Mexico!!!!!!
Con Amor tu hijo y amigo
Elder Cameron Imlay


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