Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Well i made it here, its crazy to see what juarez really looks like. Its not as scary as it sounds in all seriousness but it is pretty crazy. So we flew all day yesterday, it was super long but we finally got in around 6 30. We had dinner con la presidente de la mission. We had this chicken type thing and some potatoes they were actually really good. I spent the night con mi companion who was Elder Medeiros but only for the night. We all got to stay in this super nice hotel last night with all of the new missionaries. When we woke up this morning we went to one of the churchs here and got our new companions. My actual companion now is Elder Beltran. He is really cool he is from Colombia he is really into sports especially futbol. he is 20 years old and has been out here for 20 mes.

And guess what happened today??? I got to see preston, he is doing amazing and looks really good. It was awesome to see him because when i first got here everyone knew who he was and was telling me i looked nothing like him. I cant believe i got to see him so fast since getting here. Idk what area he is in now but i really hope that in the future we can be companions. Elder Beltran y mi esta in La cuesta (thats our area). Oh my gosh i just asked him in english where we were and he had no idea what i was saying haha. The field is so much different than the field pero i reallylike it and look forward to serving here. The people here are really nice or at least for the time i have been here. Hardly anyone speaks english but its awesome because i know that i will learn spanish that much faster. I am grateful tho that mi companero speaks a little spanish because at least i can ask him questions sometimes and he can answer me.

I hope that all y'all are doing great. It was great to talk to you and hear your voices. Sorry i was an emotional wreck idk what the heck was wrong with me haha. Oh i forgot to tell you while on the plane i met this woman who was super awesome. We talked a ton about the church and she really believed and had faith in what i was saying and i did it all in spanish or at least most of it. I offered her a BOM but she declined because it was my personal one and she didnt want to take it. But i did get her email address and i am going to email her next week to see how she is doing. Anyways just know that i am doing great here and love you tons. Good luck to all of you.
Con Amor
Elder Cameron Imlay 

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