Monday, September 22, 2014

Hola Todos!

This has literally been the craziest week of my life. Like i said in my last email we arrived here on monday night and me and elder Medieros slept at this weird but super nice hotel here. Then in the morning we got our new companions which like i said before is Elder Beltran. He is super cool, Hes from Colombia and has been out here for 20 months. We get along really well and hes really into futbol so thats cool. We are both new to our area which is called La Cuesta. So we have spent a ton of time this week just trying to find out where everyone lives. The mission field is 10000 times different than the mtc. The lessons are cool but literally i have no idea whats going on 85% of the time. Pretty much Elder Beltran teaches the whole time and i just bare my testimony at the end but the spirit is strong and i can really feel it when we are in the lessons.

Our apartment is hard to explain, it is actually kinda big but there is nothing in it. Like literally no furnitiure no nada. There are these to tables in the corner where we do Personal, companion and Language study in the mornings. It has been raining cats and dogs here but has also been hotter than heck so the weather thing is just a total mystery. To dad yes i now do pushups in the morning. Every morning we get up at 6 30 and then have 30 mins to workout. But we have workout schedules which is lame. There are a ton of restrictions that i dont like but i know that we have them for a reason and they are just here to keep us safe. But now i dont get to wear some of my ties cuz they dont fit within the mission rules but thats ok i guess.

We have quite a few investigators. None are really progressing which is sad but i hope that in the coming week we can get some to come to church because i know that if they would they would feel the spirit. I havent gotten sick yet which is super nice. One of the hermanas from my district, Hermana steele is really sick which is sad i hope she will be ok. We literally live all on our own which is kind of sad because even though i love my companion it is nice to see other people sometimes. I am not gonna lie to y'all i have had some really hard times here. I literally understand like nothing that happens here and it can get really depressing but i know that this is where the lord wants me and knowing that as well as all of your support is what keeps me going. Plus the Mission pres. said the first month is gonna be the hardest month of your life so i was just preparing for it.

We shop at this store called Sorianna which is just a grocery store. We eat breakfast and cena at our house and then usually have lunch at a members house. But something super cool is that i have gotten to eat at wendy's 2 times since getting here and let me tell you, there is nothing better than a Baconator after living off of MTC food for 6 weeks. I get 2 hours to email now because my companion is the District leader so thats cool. Im the only new missionary in my district so thats kind of scary. That ticks me off that the Broncs lost to the Hawks but whatevs i guess. Anyways im doing really good and just know that i think about all of you daily.
Con amor,
Elder Cameron Imlay
Cameron and his cousin Preston (Both Elder Imlay's)

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