Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!

Well this week was easily just as tough as the last one. The people are speaking as fast as ever but i at least have a general idea of what is happening. So thats good i guess. So to start off a few crazy things happened this week. First, Elder Beltran and I were at a members house this week, I cant remember what day but while we were sitting there talking, a fly was buzzing around one of the members so he slapped it away, but he slapped it right towards me and hit it into my mouth. It was disgusting but super funny. Second, this week i finally got sick because i ate something called Menudo. Which is cow stomach soup. It was the worst but i am feeling better now, so that is good.

To answer some of your questions. yes i do get to play sports on pday but no other days. Today we played basketball with a recent convert at the chapel which was awesome. His name is G. As far as investigators go we are not doing to well. We have quite a few but they just arent progressing. However, we do have one whose name is D who we have scheduled for a baptism on Oct. 11 so hopefully all works out. We have other investigators who havent showed up to church yet but we are hoping that they will come watch General conference with us this week. We have 2 that have said they could so far. Their names are P and C. I dont really know the other members in my district that well and next week is Zone conf. so i will know then if Preston is in my Zone. My area is in Ciudad Juarez not the colonies which is good for me becuase i will learn spanish so much faster. Apparently in the colonies there are tons of english speakers so in a way i am grateful to be where i am so that i can learn spanish faster.

My area is pretty modern but its nothing like the USA. We do have a laundromat which is nice. But we only wash our clothes and then bring them home to dry them by hanging them up. We get i think like $1200 pesos each month or transfer i cant remember, i think it should be enough but if not i will email you. With that money we buy our food, cleaning supplies and whatever else we need but if you could send a little money that would be great. We dont have dressers so yeah im pretty much just living out of my suitcase but its whatevs.

Thats crazy about all the stuff that is happening back home. Its so weird cuz i literrally have no idea whats going on about anything so thank you for the weekly updates. So Carters new companion Elder Pearce was friend of mine in the MTC and was in my zone, its cool to know that two of my amigos are serving together. Oh also somebody thought i was canadien this week while we were walking. It was funny, they yelled to us and asked me if i was canadien or what. It Also led to an appointment with one of them so that is really good. haha. Im so glad that all of you are doing good. I miss you and think about you every day. Love you Tons.

Con Amor
Elder Cameron Imlay

Oh one more thing. our mailing adress in El Paso got changed. It is now

Mission: (My name)
1410 Gail Borden Suit B-4
El Paso, Texas 79935

Eating Menudo

My rock

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