Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello Team!!

So its been a week of thrills and sadness and happiness and a new comp and yeah its been pretty crazy here in Parajes!! Big news of the week!! Elder Mellado had changes to Puebla (his house)!! And you are not going to believe who my new comp is (especially if your name is Micajah Milne) because my new comp is Elder Lenis (the colombian) haha!! Hes coming in as the other Zone Leader with me and its gonna be crazy haha!! The assistants called us last night and when they told us i honestly couldnt believe it but hahah its gonna be sick!!

As far as the work goes we were able to find a few new investigators but the new hour to enter church here has been a doosy cuz we go at 9 and people are freaking lazy haha but its good we just gonna keep working and see what happens!!

However i did get a pretty awesome call the other day from one of my converts in my old area telling me that she is doing good and going to institute and is the Young Womens Pres in her ward at the age of 21 so that was a super emotional booster and yeah just really helped me!! Like literally there is nothing like helping somebody come closer to christ and see the progress of people when they truly have the desire like seriously i can literally say there is nothing that makes me happier than to see investigators in church and know that my converts are strong in the church!!

Also its been pretty awesome this week because we have been just eating a ton because my comp is going home and everyone just wanted to give us food hahah!! We went to a restaurant buffet this morning with some of our investigators and yeah it was freaking awesome like a total Denny's but Mexican Style!! Also here is a foto that i took because this one family said that i looked like the child from Sixth Sense!! I dont see it but what do you guys think?? Anyways i love you guys and it sounds like you are doing great!! Besos!!

Elder Imlay

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