Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello All
Well to be honest this has probably been one of the greatest weeks in the mission!! We saw so many miracles and are going to be able to see lots of baptisms before the end of the cycle. So to start off we had 9 investigators in the Sacrament Meeting yesterday, 4 of which have baptismal dates!! Karina is staying strong and is excited for her baptism that is gonna happen this week on Saturday!! We were also able to put a Baptismal Date with an investigator and her grandson for the 5th of March and then we were also able to put another date for the 12th of march with a joven (youth) that we have!! But it was just awesome because the baptism that we have for March 5th is somebody that we have been teaching for a long time well like 3 months and she is super awesome like since the day we met her she has wanted to get baptized but because she was living with somebody in uniĆ³n libre which is like living with somebody without being married to them she couldnt be bapitzed!! However this last week she made the decision that she was going to move out and after lots of prayers she is finally going to move out tomorrow and be able to be baptized!! Her husband also wants to be baptized and her daughter and the daughters husband too!! Actually like this whole family wants to get baptized and it will require a little bit of work but literally i love this family and i know that they are going to be amazing!!

It was so awesome to see like all 10 of them this week at church and just see how much they have changed in so little time!! I can honestly say that the gospel changes lives!! Before the mish i honestly didnt know that because well growing up in the church my whole life i didnt really see how it changed my life because it was always a part of me!! However being out here and seeing it change the lives of others has really helped me to appreciate it more and understand how lucky we all are to have the gospel in our lives!!

It sounds like all of you are doing really good and yes The Papa (Pope) did come to Juarez and you would have had to been living under a rock to not know that he came haha!! It was super funny because all of the billboards were all pictures of him and yeah it was just hilarious!! Sadly i did not get to meet him but nonetheless it was pretty awesome!! All is well here In Juarez and I am loving life!!
Elder Imlay

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