Monday, February 15, 2016

Hello World,

How is everyone today?? This week was amazing...we had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting yesterday and holy shannigan they are all awesome!! Our investigator Karina is staying strong and is excited for her baptism on the 27th. She has gone through a lot but truly loves the church and also invited her sister to come with her on sunday and yeah it was just awesome to see all of our investigators at church yesterday!!

It was crazy this week cuz we literally had like no time to work in our area. We were in the offices like all week in meetings because the dynamic of the mission is now gonna change and the assistants now wont be in the offices as much and we will receive all of the announcements directly from Pres derbez from here on out!! The mission is flying by and it somewhat scares me to think that i am going home in a little more than 5 months!! I am loving the mish and it is really starting to be awesome here in Parajes like seriously i love being in this area!!

I had a rather scary moment this week one  morning when i was turning on the boiler (water heater). I went outside to light it with the lighter that we have but for some reason some gas had leaked out so when i turned it on it like exploded a little bit and like burnt some of my arm hair off.  However I also think it was a tender mercy because usually when i light the boiler i have my face down their to make sure its lit but that time for some reason i didnt and thank goodness i didnt because it would have burnt my face off haha!!

Anyways it sounds like im gonna have to start learning how to snowboard cuz apparently thats all you guys do haha!! I love you guys and thanks for the update on everything!! Happy Valentines day and Presidents day!! Oh and the ring i sent kennedy i found on a website but dont tell her that haha!! You guys rock and hope you have a great week!! Nos Vemos!!

Elder Imlay

PS The picture is of me trying to look fat!

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