Monday, February 8, 2016

Hello Fam!!

First things first....a big shoutout to my Broncos for being the best team in the league!!

This week was awesome and we just worked so freaking hard and saw some awesome miracles happen here in the area!! So to start we were just able to find a bunch more people this week and we had like 4 investigators in church yesterday.  The biggest news of the week is that we were able to put a Baptismal date with one of our investigators named Karina and wow it was just awesome cuz Karina has quite the story but her circumstances have finally changed and she is amazing and is super excited for her baptism on the 27 of February!! We had some meetings this week with Pres Derbez and with the Stake Presidency and it was just really awesome i feel super animated for these last 5 and a half months that i have to work here!! Its been super hard and my face has turned from white to red to pink to orange to a pinkish white now but its been awesome haha!!

Thats a super crazy story about Stu!! Im in Juarez and to the date nothing that crazy has happened to me so im gonna go knock on wood right now so that doesnt happen to me!! We have a lot of promise here in Parajes and are just excited for the future!! Elder Lenis is super cool and we are just working our butts off!! We got here to the mission together and just wanna give it our all!!

I love it here and its flying by!! I love you all and Stay Fly!!

Elder Imlay

Cameron and Elder Lenis.....Micajah M. found him on InstaGram before Cameron left on his mission and now they are companions!

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