Monday, February 29, 2016

Hello People!!!

So we had yet another amazing week and like seriously everything is going super well here!! We had the baptism of Karina or Alma and it was awesome. She has gone thru a lot and it has been amazing to see the changes that she has made in her life!! Im not gonna lie she has had a lot of trials and i can honestly say that satan is working really hard on those who choose to be baptized but it was awesome to see that after all of this time she was able to do it and the confirmed a member on sunday!!

We also had a ward activity this week that we played Minute to Win It and i was thinking about all of the times that we used to do that back home but it was awesome and we had a really good turn out!! However there is some bad news this week!! Nancy one of our prime investigators that was going to get baptized this week....well shes not going to now because her husband cheated on her this week and she got really depressed and smoked and drank coffee and yeah she is just really depressed right now and so we are just gonna give her some time to shake it off and also continue to visit her!!

Some good news is that we also put two new baptismal dates for the 11th of march and they seem really excited and also Citlali an investigator we have asked me to baptize her on the 12th of March so things are going really good and life is great here in Parajes!!

Anyways I hope that all goes well this week with soccer tryouts and that everyone is doing good!! Mom i also thought of something you could send in my package and that would be sunblock cuz like yeah im starting to look like a lobster again haha jk!! I love you all and Juarez is cool!! THis week we ran out of gas and ive been showering with cold water for the last 3 days and like half screaming whenever the water hits me but all is well and im loving the mish!!

Have a great week and Keep It Real!!

Love Elder Imlay

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